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Saved By the Bell

By Brent King On May 15, 2016 No Comments


“I pray and pray and pray. I consistently claim God’s promises year after year, and yet I see nothing. God has a pretty poor track record of fulfilling any of His promises to me.”

The thought took me off-guard. Yet it did ring true, and a squadron of unanswered prayers strafed me.

“But, but…” I desperately tried to defend God, citing all the times God had come through for me, but they all seemed like meaningless coincidence.

Why was God so silent—so distant? He seemed to answer others. What was I doing wrong? What magic words were missing in my requests?

My next thought shocked me. “Perhaps it’s because He doesn’t exist.”

And I couldn’t believe my response. “Well, He may as well not exist for me.”

I attempted to terminate the crazy spiral with common

6 Tips To Boost Your Morale When You’re Sure Your Book Sucks

By Brent King On May 2, 2016 No Comments

your bookYour book sucks. You’re sure of it.

You’ve labored over your work-in-progress for innumerable hours, and all that blood and sweat has come to this: your novel is trash. Nothing you write is good enough.

No one will ever like it. How could you have been so delusional as to think they would?

But wait! Don’t click the “delete” button on your manuscript—yet. There are a few things you should try first.

1. Realize the Truth

You are not alone. Even successful authors question their work. That rough draft never speaks like the story in your mind.

Remember that those drafts are far from your finished story. Even the roughest telling can end up bringing laughter and tears after many eyes polish it.

2. Reshuffle the Deck

Take a break. Reimagine—relive—the original dream you had for this

An Orc Like Me

By Brent King On April 20, 2016 No Comments


In the course of long years of contemplation on The Lord of the Rings I have seen my reflection in Gollum, the Nazgûl, and even in the pathetic life of Grima Wormtongue. Yet I have never seen it in the sickening existence of an Orc.

Beyond Salvation?

Maybe it’s because they’re so ruined—so ugly—so hopelessly given over to the dark side. I couldn’t envision myself like them. I just couldn’t.

So it’s been easy for me to write the Orcs off, to resign them forever to the realm of evil. Could any of us envision an Orc’s heart softening or an Orc doing something noble like Faramir or Aragorn?


Surely they are beyond salvation, like vampires and zombies.

A Horrifying Thought

Yet just today the appalling thought struck me:

The Orc is me. 

All who refuse to sever ties with the Dark

The Tethered World: An Interview With Heather L.L. FitzGerald

By Brent King On February 15, 2016 12 Comments

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the tethered worldThe time has come for The Tethered World to shout out its existence! Needless to say, Heather is excited (and swamped). I caught up with her in the middle of her pre blog tour overload and procured the answers to a few fascinating questions about her and her debut novel:

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

This is sort of a blurry answer in my brain. I had a long list of things I wanted to do as a child. Writing a book was on that list, I remember distinctly. Though English and creative writing were a favorite subject, I didn’t go to college because there wasn’t anything that

My Story: The One-In-Seven-Billion Me

By Brent King On January 19, 2016 No Comments

“Tell your story. Don’t try and tell the stories that other people can tell. Any starting writer starts out with other people’s voices. But as quickly as you can start telling the stories that only you can tell, because there will always be better writers than you and there will always be smarter writers than you, but you are the only you.” ― Neil Gaiman

my story

With over seven billion people in the world today, one can feel like they’re just another brick in the wall. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a big story being told in our world, with each of us telling it from the position of protagonist. No one else lives in my exclusive place. No one else possesses my combination

A New Year’s Greeting

By Brent King On January 1, 2016 2 Comments


Crisp and cold, the Old Year ebbs

Still alight with Christmas joy

The streets stretch out before me

My breath steams along strings of color

That etch eve and doorway on my path

Before it ascends to the stars


Swagged windows frame vigilant candles

That invite me in

I tiptoed through each Advent house

Surveying crèche and tree

In alcoves scarcely large enough

To hold their cheer

They glow there just for me


Darkened houses stand between

Where Christmas never falls

The Old Year stumbles and I pause

Before their melancholy

Yet others, not quite dark, hold out hope

With antique strings of light from years gone by

Peering through the trees


Homes, ablaze with color, paint the lake

Beckoning the hour

Wreaths and canes line wrought iron fences

That swaddle me in light

I turn the corner toward the frigid stars

And meet the New Year


Marley Was Dead, To Begin With…

By Brent King On December 30, 2015 No Comments

“Jesus said unto her, “I am the resurrection and the Life. He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live…” John 11:25

12339130_10207109289783956_4688801323561514768_oMarley was dead, to begin with…

Like Jacob Marley, have we died and become incapable of doing the thing that God wants us to do? Marley was filled with anguish and regret, and yet he was not beyond redemption. His visit to Ebenezer Scrooge was still able to work great good in the world.

We may have blown it in life and joined Marley in heartache and torment, the death that results in turning from God’s will, but we have not yet slipped beyond recovery.

A new year is awaiting us, a year that offers redemption. Even now God’s perfect will is awaiting us. Even now we can turn

Daniel and the Sun Sword Blog Tour Day 4: An Interview with Nathan Lumbatis

By Brent King On December 17, 2015 No Comments


One of the things I love about writing is interacting with other authors that are as excited about creating fantasy tales as I am. Nathan Lumbatis is one of those authors, and today I am privileged to interview him and promote his book, Daniel and the Sun Sword. So, let’s get started:

Nathan, where did you grow up, and how did your hometown (or other places you have lived) inspire your writing?

I grew up in Newville, AL, which is surrounded by the well-known towns of Podunk, Boondocks, and The Sticks.

Growing up in the country absolutely inspired my writing. When you’re walking through old, spooky forests and you find an abandoned shack overtaken by nature, it’s hard to not let your mind start making up stories. Who lived there? What happened in their lives?

A Final Meeting

By Brent King On November 30, 2015 No Comments leaves shifted and gathered against the tombstone. The last glow of evening highlighted the script:

Ebenezer Scrooge

My father laid his arm across my shoulder and squeezed. “It’s nice they got it here so soon. It’s a fitting tombstone Tim, for a great man.”

“I’ll be along soon,” I said.

Dad disappeared through a host of headstones, silhouetted against the western glow. I squinted through the twilight, shivered, and pulled deeper into my overcoat.

I cocked my head. What was that? It came to me across the hills, distinct and drawing nearer on the evening air: the rattle of chains.

“Timotheeee Craaaaatchit…”

An unearthly voice drifted toward me across the monuments. I stepped back toward a holly tree, as if it could protect me.

“Jacob?” A whisper is all that escaped me, and a chill spread through my

Introducing The Fiercest Fight

By Brent King On November 22, 2015 No Comments

The Fiercest Fight Cover
The Fiercest Fight Will Help You Think About Reality In A New Way

It was CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien that set me on the path to write Christian fantasy. What captured my imagination was that these stories contain moral truth “in solution” rather than the way that we are usually accustomed to receiving it. I believe that there are some aspects of truth that can only be seen in this way.

Fantasy explores the unseen realities of truth symbolically. Though it is not reality, it can provide a way to think about reality. As children, imagination is how we engage in understanding our world and ourselves. Part of our journey of self-discovery involves experiencing different modes of being. We are all still children.

Why A Werewolf Story?

For many years I have