A New Year’s Greeting

By Brent King On January 1, 2016 Under Short Stories, Writing


Crisp and cold, the Old Year ebbs

Still alight with Christmas joy

The streets stretch out before me

My breath steams along strings of color

That etch eve and doorway on my path

Before it ascends to the stars


Swagged windows frame vigilant candles

That invite me in

I tiptoed through each Advent house

Surveying crèche and tree

In alcoves scarcely large enough

To hold their cheer

They glow there just for me


Darkened houses stand between

Where Christmas never falls

The Old Year stumbles and I pause

Before their melancholy

Yet others, not quite dark, hold out hope

With antique strings of light from years gone by

Peering through the trees


Homes, ablaze with color, paint the lake

Beckoning the hour

Wreaths and canes line wrought iron fences

That swaddle me in light

I turn the corner toward the frigid stars

And meet the New Year


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  1. Eileen
    March 5, 2016
    4:41 am #comment-1

    Beautiful Brent! I just found this tonight. One little spelling you might want to correct “rot iron” should be wrought iron.You have such a lovely way with words! Another young friend once referred to one with ability like yours as a word smith. I think you are!

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