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By Brent King On June 22, 2015 Under Authors, Writing

Writing desk_optJust the other night I watched Bilbo Baggins sitting at the desk in his study at Bag End. Something moved me in the ambiance of the picture, something about the paper, the ink…the architecture. A fire flickered at a hearth that was the same shape as the inspiration that streamed through his window.

The image of Bilbo with pen and ink touches me because it reminds me of what I experience at my desk. Surrounded by my favorite things, I fancy I feel the same as Bilbo when he penned “There and Back Again.”

We all have those special places that draw out the best from us, and what works for me will not necessarily work for you. Recently, I asked some author friends to share their writing spaces with me. As I looked at their pictures and read their comments, I realized that our spaces are as diverse as our stories. Unique is the modus operandi of the writer.

If our well is full to brimming with ideas and magic, words will spill over most any place, depending on who we are, where we are in life, and what we have to say. Consequently, there are as many kinds of ideal writing spaces as there are authors. Some need absolute silence, while others write to epic music or in the middle of a coffee shop or a busy household. Some need a strict routine, while others write anytime and any place.

However diverse, our writing spaces are as intimate as our lovers, and often only they know how to tease us, inspire us and tug the magic from our hearts.

Now, without further comment, let’s take a look at the sacred creating spaces of seven amazing authors:

IMG_6624Nadine Brandes

Nadine is the author of A Time to Die, a dystopian fantasy that helps readers explore themselves, their world, and eternity.

“I need a window at all times,” Nadine says. “The outdoors is inspiration in a single glance. :D”

Consequently, though she is surrounded by books, pictures, and files, her window is central.

Angie Brashear

My Writing Space

Of the Persecuted is Angie’s debut novel, and this month she released a sequel, Of the Coldblooded. Her books are fantasy-romances about freedom and faith, loss and love.

Because of her circumstances, Angie’s writing space is nomadic. It moves wherever she takes her car.

“I’ve gone from writing a lot late at night after my kids fall asleep to writing a little as I sit in my car at sports practices and games.”

Heather FitzgeraldHeather LL FitzGerald

Heather is another freelance writer who is on the move. Her debut novel, The Tethered Word, will be published in January, 2016. Her book contains a phantasmagorical world, home to legendary creatures and adventures.

Her writing happens in places that are close to where her girls (whom she homeschools) take classes. Places like Starbucks and a cool, eclectic restaurant in Fort Worth called Brewed. She wrote the rough draft to her upcoming novel in Starbucks, and often can barely walk when she leaves from sitting so long. Occasionally she writes at home too.

“I love to decorate in a very offbeat way,” Heather says. “It’s always good to be surrounded by beauty for inspiration.”

Nathan LumbatisNathan Lumbatis

The way Nathan writes is even more extreme, and not very glamorous. He is a soon-to-be author and will publish his book, Daniel and the Sun Sword, next month. It is a paranormal thriller about a young boy who must outrun the god of Death and embark of a quest to solve the riddles of Life (and save his).

Nathan has to write in short bursts whenever he gets time: at the dinning room table, at his office when he can spare a minute, or in his closet early in the morning, “before all the crumb snatchers wake up.”

Jennette Mbewe

office collageJennette is a high fantasy author from Minnesota. She shares an office with her husband.

She worked a quite a bit in this office editing both her debut novel, Secrets Kept, and its upcoming sequel, Darkened Hope. However, as far as actually writing a story here, she has only written the four short stories set in the same world as the aforementioned novels: Desert Rose, Dragon Thief, Indestructible, and the most recent, A Princess No More.

Her love of the outdoors is evident by the window that brightens her writer’s world, and don’t you love her Legolas fighting knives?




Gillian Bronte Adams

photoGillian is the author of two books, Orphan’s Song and Out of Darkness Rising. Both are beautifully written fantasies of truth and redemption.

Her writing space is unique, smack dab in the middle of a hallway so she can always be in the middle of the action.

“It’s strategically positioned,” she says, “to give me a view of my front door, in case the bad guys from my novels ever decide to come hunting.” Her desk has a few shelves for books, but the rest of the bookcases are stashed throughout her apartment. “You never know when you’ll need to grab a good book on the fly. :)”

Ashlee Willis

Ashlee's DeskAshlee lives with her husband and son in Missouri. She became an author in 2014 when she published a Narnia-like fantasy adventure, The Word Changers. She will be releasing a Cinderella retelling, A Wish Made of Glass, this summer.

She says of her vintage desk: “I used to write at this desk a lot as a teen, but haven’t used it much in recent years because the chair is so incredibly uncomfortable. However, for my birthday my husband got me a NEW CHAIR (not in this picture…)!! Sooo comfy.”

No doubt she will now spend many more creative hours at this little classic desk from her youth.

Writing DeskAs I glance over the writing space of each author above, I realize that each unique space is that place where imagination meets life.

And somewhere between the ink and the paper each of us, with Bilbo, forge past the pressures of everyday life to find the stories that bring richer meaning to our lives and to the world that will read them.


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  1. Jennette
    June 22, 2015
    6:48 pm #comment-1

    Awesome write up! Thank you for including me! I love how all the spaces vary. I used to think I needed to have a “room of my own” to write, surrounded by trees, and what not…that is until those trees came with scorpions down here in Texas. Ha! But I have learned to be productive in whichever setting I can be. For the longest time, my writing space was wherever my laptop was placed, as in the kitchen/dining room table. But guess what??? I am finally getting a REAL desk. Ha! The table under the lovely cloth from Zambia, is a 6 foot folding table. Ha! I will have to share a pic of our updated office space on my blog later. 🙂

    Oh, and I love the tie-in with Bilbo’s desk!

    • Brent King
      July 9, 2015
      4:46 am #comment-2

      This was so much fun to put together! I loved learning such cool things about all of you.

  2. RJ Conte
    July 8, 2015
    11:41 pm #comment-3

    I love it! How fun!

    I asked for money towards a new ergonomic chair this year for my birthday. The one I have is a decade old, and levers don’t work any more. This means I can’t adjust the height to my new desk. I’ve been having pain, so it’s good to have a newer, better chair, even though it costs a bundle!

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