Always Winter and Never Christmas…

By Brent King On November 9, 2015 Under Lessons in Fantasy

Always WinterAlways winter and never Christmas…

It took a while for these words to sink in after I first read them in CS Lewis’ timeless classic. Yet slowly, this curse of “always” and “never” in Narnia grew to troubling proportions in my mind.

You see I have a strange conflict in my life, in that I love both summer and Christmas. I’ve never been too fond of cold. Perhaps this is why for years I also celebrated Christmas in July. The idea of joining these two favorites—summer and Christmas—was for me marriage made in heaven, and the White Witch’s purpose to ban them both was hell.

Yet recently, as I look back over my life, I see more clearly the true horror of the witch’s curse. Jesus says in Revelation that He wishes that we were either hot or cold. Of course, He wants us to be hot, like the heat of Christmas in the middle of winter or the warmth of summer at the end of winter. But the truth is that, regardless of my love for the hot temperatures of summer and Christmas, I’ve spent far too much of my life freezing—or in that frustrating place in between.

Thankfully, Aslan is now thawing the winter in my heart, and bringing me back the heat of Christmas. I have my eyes set on “those ‘high mid-summer pomps’ in which our Leader, the Son of man, already dwells, and to which He is calling us” (CS Lewis, God in the Dock).

I’d like to see Father Christmas again. I don’t want to die in this cosmic winter, permanently frozen by the wand of Jadis. I love warm beaches, steaming eggnog, and flip-flops too much!

How’s it with you? Do you have too much winter and not enough Christmas in your life too?

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