Coraline Review

By Brent King On July 10, 2014 Under Books, Reviews

*** Warning! The post contains mild (not complete) spoilers.***

I live inCoraline Coraline’s world, so it wasn’t hard to empathized with her as I learned her story. Things are not what they seem and the truth is upside down to my way of thinking. How often I have been startled by Coraline’s reality (and mine).

Oh, the Lure of the Easy Way!

Coraline is a child, naïve and trusting. She wants the creature comforts we all want. She is humanity—humanity that all too often doesn’t analyze the safe-haven offers from the Other Mother before making decisions. Life is difficult for us, and who doesn’t want to take the easy way. Consequently the Other Mother’s offers of a carefree life are tempting, but they are like the Ring of power in Lord of the Rings: they come at a price, a high price.

A Damning Mixture of Truth

I was struck by the doll and how Other Mother used it so effectively to deceive and destroy. It is often the familiar, the safe, the comforting things in our lives that are twisted and used by those who wish to control our lives or our souls. We wouldn’t believe a full out lie but we are duped by the truth with just enough lie in it to confuse us.

Don’t Fall for the Turkish Delight

coraline-movie-screenshot-4 Other Mother weaves a beautiful world of comfort around us. It is a world without care or worry, a world that cloaks the true dangers around us—and there are dangers. With all our attention absorbed in Turkish Delight, we don’t notice that there is nothing in her world beyond the garden. So we sell our soul for a mirage.

Beware the Buttons!

And what of those button eyes? Eyes represent insight and independent thinking. Consequently, the Other Mother binds us to her by blinding us. In this way she controls us. Since the beginning of time, governments and churches have used propaganda: buttons that indoctrinate and brainwash. So, the Other Mother ensures that our eyes are buttoned and takes our lives and our souls in the process.

Thank God for Cats!

But there are some, like the cat, that resist the Other Mother. They are independent thinkers that have the wisdom to see through the lies, holding fast to reality even in her world. There have always been those that warn of danger and give instruction to others so they also can resist and escape.

For a fascinating foray into a world of truth and illusion, Coraline delivers. It’s an awesome book and a great movie! It drives crucial lessons home in an entertaining way and, if you are like me, you won’t forget them anytime soon.

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