Daniel and the Sun Sword Blog Tour Day 4: An Interview with Nathan Lumbatis

By Brent King On December 17, 2015 Under Authors, Books


One of the things I love about writing is interacting with other authors that are as excited about creating fantasy tales as I am. Nathan Lumbatis is one of those authors, and today I am privileged to interview him and promote his book, Daniel and the Sun Sword. So, let’s get started:

Nathan, where did you grow up, and how did your hometown (or other places you have lived) inspire your writing?

I grew up in Newville, AL, which is surrounded by the well-known towns of Podunk, Boondocks, and The Sticks.

Growing up in the country absolutely inspired my writing. When you’re walking through old, spooky forests and you find an abandoned shack overtaken by nature, it’s hard to not let your mind start making up stories. Who lived there? What happened in their lives? Are they still there?! Creepy. I probably spent thousands of hours hiking through the woods, exploring placed that had evidently been untouched for decades. It was easy for fantasy stories to pop into my head.

Are there any other things that may have influenced you as an author?

Well, I was once tied to a tree by my brother. I once got lost in the woods at night. I and my sister used go Chupacabra hunting. Those things have got to be real! I took 2 years of Japanese in college. And finally, I want to be a ninja!

Have you written your entire life?

I have not always considered myself a writer, but I did start writing quite frequently when I was 14-years-old. I don’t think I really considered myself a writer until graduate school, though. That’s when I began writing with the intent of getting published. I think it was J.K Rowling that inspired me to make that jump.

How did Daniel and the Sun Sword come to life?

I’ve been reading mythology all my life, but only recently discovered how much I love Rick Riordan’s work. So I began thinking, if he can bring mythology into the modern world in a secular sense, why can’t I do that from a Biblical perspective? So, viola! Daniel and the Sun Sword.

It’s not based on mythology like Riordan’s books are, but different mythologies will be the backdrop for each book. The second book in the series takes place in India, for example, and so there will be elements of Hindu mythology that the characters interact with.

Why will readers enjoy this book?

Ancient deities, monsters, teleportation, ruins hidden in the cloudy mountains, three kids charged with a deadly quest, picking a fight with pure evil—What’s not to like?

What is unique about the book?

That’s hard. Peruvian ruins and myths are woven into the storyline, and a couple of the main characters (and a mountain) throw up a few times throughout the book. So that’s awesome.

Did you learn anything from writing the book?

Yes, I did. I tend to think things out by talking or writing. (That’s definitely gotten me into trouble sometimes. But it’s also kind of fun, because then sometimes I say or write things that surprise myself.) I’d say I had some insight into how sin, specifically self-centeredness, twists our memories so that, even when we’ve seen indisputable truth about God, it’s possible for us to turn away from Him.

This was helpful when writing about the Enemy’s rebellion. I’ve always struggled with understanding that. How could the Enemy rebel against God when he would have experienced His omnipotence first-hand? But the rebellion (possibly) would have been a secondary consequence of reality literally being warped by self-love. So much so that the memory, or understanding of, God’s character and power was lost to the Enemy. In his world of Self, he would literally begin to view God as the usurper, not himself. Isn’t that how we often view God? The intruder into our realities? Maybe his deception of Eve wasn’t just a lie that he spun to trick her, but was literally a lie that he believed himself?

Where do you want to go with your writing career? Where do you see your writing career in five years?

I’d love to keep writing. Maybe churn out a book each year. In five years I imagine I’ll be wrapping up the Sons and Daughters series and beginning work on one of the next series I have in store.

Well, I wish you the best with Daniel and the Sun Sword as well as with all of your future ventures. Thanks for taking a few minutes to share your passion with us Nathan. 


Daniel and the Sun Sword Book Excerpt:

Daniel felt the ground vibrate underneath him. Something huge was approaching.

The torchlight in the room flickered and grew dim, and a cold feeling settled into the pit of his stomach.

“Why worry about defeating a slave,” it said, “when its master comes against you?”

The two Creeps still standing fell to the ground, groveling toward a monstrous shape crowding the hallway.

It stepped into the light, and Ben cried out in fear, dropping to his knees. Raylin turned pale and took several steps backward into the shadows.

Daniel let the Sun Sword drop to his side, and his legs felt weak.

He had never seen anything like the creature that faced them now. It looked like it belonged in a horror movie; although, he could never imagine anyone paying money to see something so frightening.

It stood at least twelve feet tall, with long arms that reached to the ground. Its hands were enormous, with jagged, broken claws that rasped the stone with each lumbering step it took. It was mostly bald, but here and there dark patches of fur bristled out like fungus.

But its true terror was its face. It had three jet black eyes and an oozing hole where its nose should have been. Its mouth was full of long, yellow fangs and was so big its lower jaw hung perpetually open, resting on its chest.

Even though Daniel wasn’t sure it helped anything, he found himself hoping that Ms. Julie had kept her promise to pray for him.


Title: Daniel and the Sun Sword
Author: Nathan Lumbatis
Publisher: Ellechor Publishing House
Published: September 22, 2015
See more on this book and author here.

nathanNathan grew up in the woods of Alabama, where he spent his time exploring, hiking, and dreaming up stories. Now, as a child/adolescent therapist and author, he’s teaching kids and teens how to redeem their stories using Biblical principles. He still lives in Alabama, where you will find him with his wife and three kids every chance he gets.

Find Nathan on his Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.










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