Daniel and the Sun Sword Trailer

By Brent King On June 27, 2015 Under Authors, Books

As a child/adolescent therapist, Nathan knows how to speak to the hearts of kids. So many kids don’t understand how important they are in their sphere of influence. Consequently, Nathan invests a lot of energy into teaching them how to redeem their stories. This has been his vocation for years, but now it is taking a new turn. He has taken the biblical principles he uses in therapy and forged them into a novel.

That novel, Daniel and the Sun Sword is drawing very near to being published, and today it is my esteemed privilege to reveal its trailer.

Daniel-and-the-Sun-Sword-Cover--215x300Many of us have been waiting a long time to see Nathan’s book. Daniel and the Sun Sword will be released next month.

The book will be available in July, but on Amazon.com and B&N.com you’ll notice that the official “release date” is listed as November 3, 2015. This is due to Mysterious Publishing World Rules. As the name implies, they’re very mysterious. If you preorder through Amazon, you will receive your copy of Daniel and the Sun Sword by the end of July or early August.

You can contact Nathan at his Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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