Fighting Blood with Blood

By Brent King On April 30, 2015 Under Lessons in Fantasy

Fighting Blood With Blood“Blood!” we cry. “Bloodshed marks only the lowest of men.” Yet we are mistaken, for all of our hands are stained with blood. The words of the martyred 16th century priest, John Bradford, echo down through history:

“But for the grace of God, there go I.”

Man Is Degenerate

The good Book affirms his insight into the degeneracy of man. “There is none righteous. Not even one” (Romans 3:10). “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)

Grace is man’s only hope. Without it, he is doomed to depravity. How many young men have thought themselves above grace? How many have imagined themselves above the foulest passions of humanity—only to drink their vulgar and bloody dregs?

We Know This Is True

Our personal stories confirm this, and so do our legends. It is not Dr. Jekyll that wins the struggle between good and evil, but Mr. Hyde. Hyde takes the soul of the doctor in the end, just like the curse takes the soul of Lawrence Talbot in The Wolfman. Even the infamous Count Dracula has no power against the demon within. Bram Stoker underscores this with the look of peace on the count’s face at his death, “that no one could have imagined would rest there.”

Fighting the Vampire's BloodThis is not a soul saving peace, but a soul resting peace. Evil torments men. On some level, their horrendous deeds horrify themselves, and they welcome oblivion instead of the living hell that they have shaped by embracing wickedness.

A War of Blood

Where lies this evil, this beast within our soul? God only knows. Yet we do know the cure, a cure highlighted by Bram Stoker himself in his desperate tale of wickedness: the cross. Only with the crucifix could Van Helsing defeat the Count. Only in the cross of Christ can we turn from Mr. Hyde. Only by drinking His holy blood can we neutralize our curse.

Indeed, this is a war of blood: the stolen blood that courses through our hellish vampire veins pitted against the freely given blood of Jesus.

An Elixir of Life

We must not wait for Mr. Hyde to take the life of us. We must not let the curse of the beast fester deep within. Every such course is damned. Drink instead the soul-saving blood with the power to shrink our fangs. Savor instead the elixir of life that can bring us grace and peace.

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