Happy Birthday C.S. Lewis!

By Brent King On November 25, 2013 Under Authors

How did you come to know C.S. Lewis? Were you like the young man in this video, reading Narnia at age 4? So many of my friends have great stories of their adventures as a child in the land of Narnia. I don’t.


It wasn’t age 4 for me. I discovered C.S. Lewis late in life. I grew up reading parascience, theology, and how-to books. I read encyclopedias and dictionaries. I wrote letters – thousands of letters, but I rarely knew the joy of stories except as crafted them in the letters I wrote.

That all changed when my children were young. As we read the stories of Lewis together it was music to my ears. I drank up his stories and books like a thirsty man in a desert.

Other authors followed: JRR Tolkien, George MacDonald, T.H. White, Stephan Lawhead, Bryan Davis, and many others. Soon I was writing more than just letters. I was writing stories. I couldn’t write enough and still can’t. Story after story still forms in my mind and flows from my pen.

For me it all started with C.S. Lewis. Consequently he has a special place in my heart. He changed the course of my life, but mine isn’t the only life. His legacy is still touching millions. Countless lives of children and adults, like mine, will never be the same. It is amazing that one man can make such an impact on so many in a short lifetime.

This November I want to celebrate his life.

Happy Birthday C.S. Lewis!

What experiences have you had with C.S. Lewis? Please share them in the comments. I’d love to hear them.





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