I Missed You Too

By Brent King On April 11, 2015 Under Short Stories

10489869_698011390234885_1517357255450773782_nHe steps toward me, down the middle of the prep school campus road. I am the last to greet him. His grin spreads cheek to cheek, eclipsing his new suit.

Time Stops

His two-year-old eyes sparkle above pudgy cheeks in front of our Christmas tree. He peddles round our house on his first bike. Adolescent arms are quick to greet me at the door. I run behind him at the beach, hike before him on the trail, and swim with his arms around my neck.

Devotion shines in his eyes as he comes. His muscles ripple beneath. My heart skips a beat. Is this a dream, this Pomp and Circumstance? Or is this the man my son had grown to be? What is it in his way that draws me so? What is it in his eye that takes my breath?

But now he is upon me. His arms wrap strong about me in their familiar way.

“Hi dad,” he says. His voice is deep. “I missed you.”

His grip is fast and, though I try, I cannot say a word. We stand there in the middle of the road, my son and I. And somewhere in moments as they pass—somewhere in the strength of his embrace—I find my words at last.

“I missed you too,” I say.

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  1. AshleeW
    April 12, 2015
    9:15 pm #comment-1

    What a special time! Congrats to your son 🙂 I know, in small part, what emotions you must be struggling with right now. Some wonderful, some sorrowful. It’s good to know that God is with us in every season. Thanks for sharing!

    • Brent King
      April 21, 2015
      4:23 pm #comment-2

      Yes Ashlee, I’m sure you’ve experienced some of it already with Cael. Life is bittersweet, but mostly sweet!

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