Introducing The Fiercest Fight

By Brent King On November 22, 2015 Under Authors, Books

The Fiercest Fight Cover
The Fiercest Fight Will Help You Think About Reality In A New Way

It was CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien that set me on the path to write Christian fantasy. What captured my imagination was that these stories contain moral truth “in solution” rather than the way that we are usually accustomed to receiving it. I believe that there are some aspects of truth that can only be seen in this way.

Fantasy explores the unseen realities of truth symbolically. Though it is not reality, it can provide a way to think about reality. As children, imagination is how we engage in understanding our world and ourselves. Part of our journey of self-discovery involves experiencing different modes of being. We are all still children.

Why A Werewolf Story?

For many years I have been troubled by the werewolf stories I have read and watched. Though many speak powerfully to mankind’s problem, none ring completely true for me as to the solution. One day I was discussing my discontent with my eldest son, Dustin, who had just watched the 2010 film adaption of The Wolfman. In the midst of our talk we decided that it was time to tell the story right, and The Fiercest Fight was born.

This fantasy takes a closer look at that dark creature we see in the mirror every day. Yet this creature is more than just a horror to us, for if we look more closely it is surrounded by metaphors of life, hope, and redemption. Go ahead, follow this creature into my debut novel and enjoy a flight of imagination that will inform your reality.

And just because I’m so excited, here’s another chance to win an autographed copy of my debut novel, The Fiercest Fight.

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