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Don’t Drink the Wrong Elixir!

By Brent King On November 16, 2015 No Comments

Hyde Tweety“I’ve gone too far. I can’t be good, and now even God can’t help me!”

Those were the words of a colleague of mine—with whom I worked side by side for over a decade—just before he killed himself. Of course I was deeply troubled, first because he was my friend, but second because the thought of stepping past the point of no return terrified me.

As I contemplated the fate of my friend, images of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde flooded my mind. Dr. Jekyll wants to become a better person and, thinking he can accomplish this himself, he develops a potion to exorcise the dark side from his life. But it turns out that his bad side is worse than he expected. It completely seizes him every night in the violent and selfish form of Mr. Hyde. Even in this dark

Always Winter and Never Christmas…

By Brent King On November 9, 2015 No Comments

Always WinterAlways winter and never Christmas…

It took a while for these words to sink in after I first read them in CS Lewis’ timeless classic. Yet slowly, this curse of “always” and “never” in Narnia grew to troubling proportions in my mind.

You see I have a strange conflict in my life, in that I love both summer and Christmas. I’ve never been too fond of cold. Perhaps this is why for years I also celebrated Christmas in July. The idea of joining these two favorites—summer and Christmas—was for me marriage made in heaven, and the White Witch’s purpose to ban them both was hell.

Yet recently, as I look back over my life, I see more clearly the true horror of the witch’s curse. Jesus says in Revelation that He wishes that

Bring Me To Life

By Brent King On November 2, 2015 No Comments

andreasrochaWhat is it about zombies that capture society’s imagination? Is it the graphic horror that rivets our eyes to them? Do they somehow trigger our innate sense of survival? Or is it just another manifestation of our intuition that the end of all things is near?

A Metaphor That Runs Deep

Whatever it is, our strange infatuation with zombies has run deep enough to hold them strong in our consciousness for many years. I have to admit that it makes me sick to look at humans so hideously mutated. Then again, have you taken a stroll in a large city center lately? Have you listened to how our youth talk in our schools? Have you seen the recent suicide statistics? The horror of the zombie runs much deeper than our movies about them. The metaphor strikes to

A Lesson from Frankenstein

By Brent King On October 26, 2015 No Comments

“I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel…” ― Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

frankensteinAs I have walked through the horrendous world of monsters, it was only a matter of time before I met Frankenstein. He stood there before me in the dark—sewn, scabbed, and hideous. Yet as I scrambled after him over the heartbreaking landscape of his world, he seemed less and less scary and more and more like me.

I have come away from Dr. Frankenstein’s creature changed, and now I know a bit more about monsters. First, my mind goes back to something Tolkien said, “For nothing is evil in the beginning. Even Sauron was not so.” If Tolkien is right, then no monster we meet starts out that way. Even the Orcs were once Elves. Monsters, then,

In the sleepy town of Astor Crossing, something evil stirs…

By Brent King On October 14, 2015 No Comments

CathedralShafts of moonlight filtered through the trees, casting eerie shadows on the tower of Astor Crossing’s 7th street cathedral. An owl screeched, and somewhere in the night a dog howled. Tristan shivered and peered up toward the peek of the tower. Its serrated edge clawed a dark silhouette across the moonlit sky.

He stared at the striking image for several minutes before lowering his eyes. A light glowed through a lancet window near the back of the church. Its stained glass shimmered with unsteady light. Tristan stepped toward it.

“Tristan.” A voice launched his heart into his throat as a shadow shot toward him. “What are you doing here?”

A girl flung herself at him, entwining him with arms and legs.

“Erin!” Tristan gathered together his adrenaline-shot extremities as his girlfriend squeezed him.

She whispered in his

A Wish Made of Glass Review

By Brent King On August 6, 2015 No Comments

AWishMadeofGlassFinalThough cloaked in a fey world, the vivid images in Ashlee’s story have wonderful overtones of a mysterious God and a heaven about which we know very little. Another reviewer, Deborah O’Carroll, expressed this when she said, “You feel in the end a little as if there are hinted truths threaded through beneath the surface of the tale that you can not quite grasp. At least, that is how I felt. There is something deeper, elusive, and you feel that maybe one day you will understand it, even if you do not right now.”

For me, her book had a “Till We Have Faces” feel to it, with variations on the rich symbolism that CS Lewis brings us in that favorite tale.

Her prose is very evocative. In some places it is downright thrilling, even…stunning.

Daniel and the Sun Sword Trailer

By Brent King On June 27, 2015 No Comments

As a child/adolescent therapist, Nathan knows how to speak to the hearts of kids. So many kids don’t understand how important they are in their sphere of influence. Consequently, Nathan invests a lot of energy into teaching them how to redeem their stories. This has been his vocation for years, but now it is taking a new turn. He has taken the biblical principles he uses in therapy and forged them into a novel.

That novel, Daniel and the Sun Sword is drawing very near to being published, and today it is my esteemed privilege to reveal its trailer.

Daniel-and-the-Sun-Sword-Cover--215x300Many of us have been waiting a long time to see Nathan’s book. Daniel and the Sun Sword will be released next month.

The book will be available in July, but on and B& you’ll notice that the official “release date” is listed

A Space For a Story of Our Own

By Brent King On June 22, 2015 3 Comments

Writing desk_optJust the other night I watched Bilbo Baggins sitting at the desk in his study at Bag End. Something moved me in the ambiance of the picture, something about the paper, the ink…the architecture. A fire flickered at a hearth that was the same shape as the inspiration that streamed through his window.

The image of Bilbo with pen and ink touches me because it reminds me of what I experience at my desk. Surrounded by my favorite things, I fancy I feel the same as Bilbo when he penned “There and Back Again.”

We all have those special places that draw out the best from us, and what works for me will not necessarily work for you. Recently, I asked some author friends to share their writing spaces with me. As I

Cover Reveal: A Wish Made of Glass

By Brent King On May 18, 2015 1 Comment

I have seen a lot of Cinderella retellings over the years and, though many of them are great stories, only a few have covers that have captivated me. I don’t know what it is that intrigues me, but it’s something in the combination of graphic, title, and font.

Once Upon a Prince by Rachel HauckCinderella's Shoes by Shonna SlayonWhat is Hidden by Lauren SkidmoreThe Captive Maiden by Melanie DickersonCinder by Marissa Meyer

To Break a Curse

By Brent King On May 9, 2015 No Comments

My soon-to-be-released novel, The Fiercest Fight, harbors a curse. Consequently, I have a few things to say about curses:

Fhangmanrom the ancient bane of Cain to the Egyptian curse of Tutankhamen, men have been under a dark spell. It haunts their days and their dreams. It is such a part of their lives that they can’t imagine living in a world without it.

The curse has passed from father to child ever since it fell on the earth. Its plague darkens each eye—and every town square—with shadow. In that shadow, none can see any other but themself. Every one, in turn, becomes a parasite, feeding on the lives of those around them to sustain their own fortune. Yet this cursed course sustains no one, for when the host dies, the parasite dies

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