By Brent King On February 24, 2015 Under Writing

shadow-face-chair-1I grew up in a land of shadows. In that country, it was a necessity. A solid wall made a shadow, but it also protected against invaders. Behind it I hid from those who would plunder my weakness and attack my home.

But it wasn’t just that. It was the very nature of my land. The mountains, the trees, and even the clouds threw shadows. A shadow followed me all the days of my life. How could I possibly visualize anything else?

Bulwarks blocked the light, spreading shade to possessed my home. I lived in a house of shadows, a congested den of darkness. The light struggled to illumine my world. And it was so dark….

I didn’t know that until I came here. Every tree and face and mountain glows from within. The translucence of the place is disorienting at first. I am overwhelmed with colors and detail I’ve never seen before, but there is no shadow. Nothing now comes between the light and me.

I don’t need opacity for armor any more for there is no one to attack me. I can’t say I miss it. A shadow was at once comforting and fearful but, though it followed me all the days of my life, it’s a joy to bid it adieu.

Farewell, land of shadows.


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