Shoot Your Novel Review

By Brent King On November 4, 2014 Under Books, Reviews

Shoot-your-novelWriting is not all that different from directing. That’s what C. S. Lakin declared in her book, Shoot Your Novel. Then she took me on a journey through the most valuable cinematic techniques that a director uses and showed me how to apply them to my novel.

From panning to montages to zooming in, she explained how it worked in a movie and related that to how powerfully it could work for me too. I found the examples that she uses more helpful than in most how-to-write books. Most of them illustrated the technique lucidly, so that I really got what she was trying to explain. That is important if I’m going to make it work for me when I sit down to write.

Sometimes I just need to look at writing from a different angle, and here Lakin does a lot of talking about different angles. The chapters on color, shape, and sound were especially fascinating to me. By the time I had finished it, I found many great ideas in this book for me to experiment with in my WIP. I think you will too.

Title: Shoot Your Novel
Author: C.S. Lakin
Publisher: Ubiquitous Press
Published: October 2, 2014
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LakinC. S. Lakin is novelist and writing coach who spends her time divided between developing new book ideas and helping writers polish theirs. She is the author of fourteen novels – six contemporary novels, seven in the fantasy/sci-fi genre, and one in historical Western romance. In all her books she seeks to journey to the heart of human motivation, to uncover unmet needs, and show the path to healing and grace.

Find Lakin on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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