The City On Your Knees

By Brent King On April 13, 2015 Under Lessons in Fantasy

man-on-floor-on-kneesHave you ever ventured to the land of peace? Have you ever walked the streets of the city of hope? Have you ever breathed the air of happily ever after?

Tonight’s the Night

If you never have, then tonight’s the night. Tonight will be your time to step across the line. It’s not far to the city of the great King—only the distance from your knees to the floor. It’s such a short distance, but within it lies a galactic collision of two worlds, a voyage across the sea of death, a journey into eternity.


Why not join the adventure? Why not start from where you now stand?

Come to the city where sinners become saints, where loneliness becomes family. Make the choice that brings us together—you and me. Then love will fall to the earth like you’ve fallen to your knees, like the crashing waves of the sea. And tonight will last forever.


Yes, Tonight’s the Night

Yes, tonight’s the night for you to hear the music of the voice of God. Tonight’s the night for you to thrill at the angel of His presence. Tonight’s the night for you to come to the city of the great king—the city on your knees.


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  1. Mary E. Brown
    April 14, 2015
    8:14 pm #comment-1

    Love this Post. Poetry and pictures with words, singing songs of truth.

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