The Spiderwick Chronicles Review

By Brent King On July 8, 2014 Under Reviews

SpiderwickI enjoyed The Spiderwick Chronicles the evening I watched it, but it wasn’t until 3:00 the next morning that I really got it. I woke up to a much better understanding of what I’d seen.

The Spiderwick Chronicles Says What Many Won’t Say

I like this movie because it dares to say what many pastors won’t. It has the balls to tell the truth about divorce. The children in this movie poignantly portray that truth in their actions and reactions related to their family trauma.

Fantasy Does Such a Great Job of Nailing the Truth 

Like many fantasies, the fantastical action the kids experience is an awesome metaphor for what their family was going through. The demons of betrayal, abandonment, and desertion that spouses and children fight in divorce are every bit as horrible as the creatures these kids were pitted against.

Powerful Themes

This movie effectively depicts the deception, horror, and unrequited love that children routinely must face in divorce. What is it like to feel like your parent (especially your dad) doesn’t care? The redemptive theme that runs through it is moving too. Even though we get carried away with life and blow it, contrition and forgiveness can save the day.

Break the Circle and Pay the Price!

When the circle of family love is broken, mayhem breaks loose. The Spiderwick Chronicles brilliantly portrays the reality of that chaos in an engaging fantasy world. It is a moving portrayal of a reality that far too many of us know. Perhaps that is why there was more than one place in this movie where I felt my heart in my throat and I had to swallow to try to stay the tears. If you are a fantasy lover and haven’t seen this movie (and especially if your life has been touched by divorce), I think you’ll like it.

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  1. Tyrean
    July 8, 2014
    11:19 pm #comment-1

    It definitely handles some tough topics symbolically and right up front. It’s one of the movies that has stayed with our family for a while. There’s something deeper in it than the surface action.

    • Brent King
      July 8, 2014
      11:27 pm #comment-2

      For sure! If it didn’t, it wouldn’t make me think so hard or touch me so deeply. =) I went out an bought a copy not long after I saw it.

  2. AshleeW
    July 10, 2014
    5:41 am #comment-3

    Hmm … never even knew what that book/movie was about until now! Adding it on Netflix … 🙂

    • Brent King
      July 10, 2014
      3:09 pm #comment-4

      I haven’t read any of the series of books, but the movie has a great cast with Freddie Highmore playing two of the Grace children (both Simon and Jared), Joan Plowright playing Aunt Lucinda Spiderwick, and David Strathairn playing Arthur Spiderwick. It addresses dark family problems, but in the disarming way that only a fantasy could do it. Plus, it’s full of humor and fantastical creatures. Cael will love it!

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