The Understanding is in the Writing

By Brent King On February 2, 2015 Under Writing

“How can I tell you what I think until I’ve heard what I’m going to say?”

writingTruth is compelling. It places within me a longing to write. I write because I can’t ignore the burning in my heart. I must explore it. When I sit and write it’s because I have something to say, yet I don’t yet know how I’m going to say it. I don’t yet perceive its form. I haven’t figured out ahead of time how I want to express it. I’ve only tasted enough to desire to probe it further.

My stories incarnate around world-view changing thoughts that burn within me. I marvel often at their voice. Yet before I can share them I must learn their secrets through the journey of writing them down. Before I can teach, I must be taught. My pen is a birth canal of understanding. Through it, discernment is born. Only then can I share.

As I wrestle with the pictures in my mind, words form—words of clarity, definition, and comprehension. The process of writing the thing I want to say informs my expression and inspires me to greater understanding, often sparking an explosion of inspiration ending in epiphany. This flood rarely comes until I have begun to write. It all unfolds in the play of word and pen.       

My script is the beginning of understanding, the unwrapping of reality. My writing spotlights my misunderstanding and allows me to critique my worldview and, through that flow, come to a greater capacity for truth.

Is it the same for you?



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