The Word Changers Review

By Brent King On June 10, 2014 Under Authors, Books, Reviews

thewordchangerscoverartfinalWhere better to learn the great themes of life and soul than in a story? We try to learn them through the story we write in the book of our life. Yet often they become clearer to us as we experience them vicariously through a book on our shelf. But what if our participation in this book went beyond our imagination? What if we could enter its pages, breath its air, and change its Plot?

With strong metaphors, Ashlee Willis takes us into such an adventure. Life is a story, and Ashlee’s—no, Posy’s—story is about life. I fell into her story and found within its magic a land like mine, where joy, sadness, and sacrifice shape its pages. Truthfully, there were times when I forgot that I wasn’t actually there with Posy, experiencing the Mist, the myths, and Melanthius.

The Word Changers reminds me of the second book in The Chronicles of Narnia. Prince Caspian deals with themes of faith, obedience, the cost of discipleship, and God’s silence. The Word Changers speaks to these themes and more in a tale that is fresh and unique.

Where better to learn the great themes of life and soul than in a story? And I think Ashlee’s story is a great place to begin.

Title: The Word Changers
Author: Ashlee Willis
Publisher: Conquest Publishers
Published: May 5, 2014
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ashleeAshlee has a passion for three things: God, family, and books, and is happiest when all three can be enjoyed together. Ashlee graduated from Central Christian College of the Bible with a Bachelor of Science in Christian Education. She divides her time chiefly between homeschooling her young son, reading about fantasy worlds she wishes she could visit, and dreaming up fantasy worlds of her own to write about. She loves taking walks in the woods, drinking tea with friends, and spending time with the ones she loves most. Ashlee lives in the heart of Missouri with her husband, son, and cat, where she is busily at work on her next book, also a fantasy for young adults.

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