Why I Love Disney’s Maleficent

By Brent King On June 12, 2014 Under Lessons in Fantasy, Reviews

*** Warning! The post contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie, see it before you read this.  ***

Maleficent-(2014)Let me tell you why I loved Disney latest film adaption, Maleficent. There is a reason why my tears flowed in this film.

Since I was a child I’ve longed for the villain—from Scar to Maleficent—to repent and do the right thing. I’ve gone so far as to rewrite the story of The Lion King to imagine Scar’s repentance.

Because of this pull on my heart through the years, my favorite stories have been where the villain repents. Think evil King Manasseh, King Nebuchadnezzar, and even Anne of Avonlea’s Katherine Brook. This is also the reason why Gollum’s life in The Lord of the Rings so captivates me. He so nearly repents.

I believe we need to see this message in our stories. Why? Because too often we are the villains of our stories and if villains are beyond redemption, then so are we. Grace stoops low to save men. If the Bible teaches us anything, it teaches that grace extends far—to the vilest and the most unworthy—to the most maleficent.

All my life I’ve looked into the eyes of the villain and seen a soul precious beyond thought, a son or daughter of God. Grace waits for them as it does for me, and I have to believe. Yes, like Disney finally wrote just for me, I have to believe that even Maleficent can change.

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  1. Tyrean
    June 13, 2014
    5:14 am #comment-1

    Wonderful! I love this take on Maleficent. I haven’t seen it yet, but I had already had the plot spoiled for me when I read an article in which the Christian viewer felt upset that the villain had been redeemed. That article saddened me. Your post lifted me up. Thank you! We are all sinners saved only and completely by God’s grace through Jesus Christ!!! Praise be to God!

    Again, thank you.

    • Brent King
      June 13, 2014
      5:47 am #comment-2

      You’re welcome Tyrean! I praise God with you for His grace! I’ve seen the negative reviews too, but now that I’ve seen the movie, I just can’t buy into them.

      There are other reasons why I love this movie too (though they aren’t as big for me as the one I’ve written about in this post). At the top of that list is the deeper image it portrays of love. In a world where true love is equivalent to summer love, Maleficent reminds us that there is more to love than Eros. Another striking theme that needs to be seen more in our stories is the enduring consequences of our poor choices, a lesson that is powerfully underscored in this movie.

      Maleficent will sit in on my shelf in the treasured lineup of my dvd favorites for years to come.

  2. elizabeth crannage
    November 18, 2014
    7:16 pm #comment-3

    I loved this wonderful strong movie about women and children handling difficult situations and asking for help among friends and being successful in very anxiety producing situations–my children were cheering when Angelina appeared on the battlefield and declared that she needed help from her friends and immediately got that help–the whole movie was about changing one’s attitude and actions–I think that the movie, also, delineated when touching in childhood is appropriate and when not. Angelina jolie was very careful in making this movie. my children were standing very tall when leaving the theater.

    • Brent King
      November 18, 2014
      7:21 pm #comment-4

      I appreciate your insights Elizabeth. I realize, in listening to others, that there are so many more wonderful things about this movie than the things that moved me. It is such a great movie!

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