6 Tips To Boost Your Morale When You’re Sure Your Book Sucks

By Brent King On May 2, 2016 Under Writing

your bookYour book sucks. You’re sure of it.

You’ve labored over your work-in-progress for innumerable hours, and all that blood and sweat has come to this: your novel is trash. Nothing you write is good enough.

No one will ever like it. How could you have been so delusional as to think they would?

But wait! Don’t click the “delete” button on your manuscript—yet. There are a few things you should try first.

1. Realize the Truth

You are not alone. Even successful authors question their work. That rough draft never speaks like the story in your mind.

Remember that those drafts are far from your finished story. Even the roughest telling can end up bringing laughter and tears after many eyes polish it.

2. Reshuffle the Deck

Take a break. Reimagine—relive—the original dream you had for this story.

Sometimes it helps to play music.

Pick up the pieces your lost story from the passionate memories of its infancy. Shuffle them, and put them back together. Revisiting the place it all began and looking at it through new eyes can regenerate even the most troubled tales.

3. Learn To Kiteboard

Forget about your book (at least try) for a few hours. Forget it for a day—even two. Do something else you love instead.

Hike. Sail. Shower. Go to the gym. Walk under the stars. Play ball. Watch movies.

This will lift your mood, pump your creativity, and revitalize your passion. When you return to your work-in-progress you will esteem it much more highly.

4. Let Your Falcon Loose

Rendezvous with a friend and voice your storyline concerns. If that friend is God—all the better!

Bounce ideas. Think outrageous thoughts. Visit forbidden realms. Speculate. Embrace bold revisions.

Let your falcon loose to soar to the heavens. When it returns it will bring fresh inspiration that will encourage you to retrieve your story from the trash.

This is the stuff of creation. This is the magic that transforms a sucky book into an exceptional one.

5. Tap Your Book Back Into Existence

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful emotional tool, and it’s at its best with writer anxiety. By tapping on the ends of your body’s meridians while focusing on a stressful issue, you can turn off the stress signals in your brain and rewire your system to produce a calmer, more productive you.

Soothing signals are sent to the amygdala—the part of the brain responsible for fight-or-flight—and the whole body reacts in healthier ways to a stressful challenge.

This technique is so simple, and so extraordinarily effective! Your writing morale will revive, and you will begin to envision a masterpiece hidden within your hopelessly flawed work.

Try it!

6. Drink from the Magical Well

Take a trip to the past, and read the best things that you’ve written. While you’re at it, take a look at some of your favorites from other authors too. Get by yourself, and read them aloud.

I learned to do this on the piano. I play by ear and have learned that something happens when I play repertoire from my favorite classical musicians. Somehow it bleeds over into my impromptu playing and diversifies it—makes it better.

Reading magically melds the best of others (and your best work too) with your present mediocre efforts, and inspiration does the rest. Yes, like drinking from a magical well, reading will do miraculous and mystical things to your mind—and your work-in-progress too.

Your Book Doesn’t Have To Die

Don’t let your doubt and anxiety eat your author heart out. Flee the withering thoughts and escape the confidence-stealing zombies that are coming for you.

You can overcome your apprehension and return to the passion that inspired you to start your book in the first place.

Get serious with one or more of the solutions above and shoot that confidence-sucking zombie in the brain.

Do it today. Tomorrow may be too late.

Your reward will be a book you can be proud of.


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